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He loved humans. Digging deep inside and finding the expression of their souls, he felt, was his life’s purpose. Taking those truths and mixing them with his own, allowed his mediums to call out to him and gave his canvas thirst. However, because his mind was consumed in vastness, he often found himself isolated from the humans he wanted to connect with most. He couldn’t understand the limitations in which they placed themselves in, although he knew why it was that way. Religious, political, and social boxes in his mind; took the human spirit and put it under the direction of men instead of any perceivable God.


“How are you? It’s been forever since I saw your lovely face!” She was so sweet.


“You still there?”


“Naw, I left there last year.”


“What are you doing with yourself?”


“I’m painting now and planning to have an art show in a few months I’ll be sure to keep you posted.”


“That’s good! So where are you working?”


“Well, I think of my art as the most rewarding work I can do.”


“I mean, what are you doing for money? You know what…God will provide for you don’t you worry about it.”


“About that; I know that God is within me, and what I do with my spirit, my energy, is a reflection of how much I trust what he placed inside me to do. I follow my passions as that is my soul communicating with me about what I should do. There is nothing more valuable than that. What could generate more of what I need than what my soul desires to do?”


“Hum, okay. I feel you, I really do but passions don’t buy food. They don’t buy anything.”




“Where does the incessant need to buy everything come from and how does all this buying benefit us directly? What happened to growing, building and sharing; you know, community? It’s funny because so much inspiration is out there to follow your dreams. Yet, when you follow them, you can’t even buy support, let alone food. Community sounds good, however, who if not me and you to actually live it? Think I’d rather go hungry than to feed into this system of buying that destroys our human spirits, bodies and along with it the planet.”


“Don’t you think you’re exaggerating a bit? I’m mean, everybody has to work and no one really likes it. It’s a part of what we have to do.”


“Only because we agree to it. Weren’t you working on starting a program to help people with felonies find employment? Where are you with it now?"


“Well, I haven’t had a chance. I’ve been working so hard….”


“Exactly. “

© Kukata Kali 2014

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