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She was a fighter in every deed. She balanced that out with love; meditating often on love, connectivity, and the healing of relationships. That energy was propelled; vibrating from deep inside her reverberating outward in each moment to self aware moment. She was down to fight yet, she would rather spend her energy on love. That proved to be a difficult life in the beginning. Finding herself now alone, seemly trapped she jumped with each anticipated burst through the door. She knew what they are going to try to do. She’d heard all the tales and she refused to push away the truth of her situation. So she sat, calmly, aligned herself to love, breathed and existed. When they burst through the door they experienced her standing, ready, calm, and in defense.

“They will not take me.”


As she confirmed that thought with her spirit, she offered it up to Shiva for assistance, relaxed and they rushed over to her. It took them awhile to notice the readiness of her demeanor. In that time she had assessed their every move and counteracted each one in her mind, fluidly. Their thirsty rush toward her began the violent dance. Now fighting; flawless, exposed and wanted she felt powerful. She flowed with the wind and they couldn’t understand what was happening in order to stop her. It was as if they were being attacked from many different sources, yet they could only see her. Eyes locked on their demise, yet captivated; she was so beautiful. They never took her. She fought, and each time they burst through her door, she fought harder. They stopped to regroup; she sat and regrouped as well. Each time they entered though, she was ready. After a while of this, she no longer felt to sit and regroup.



She stood again, readied herself to walk, and walked right out of her enclosing. There was no one left to stop her. In fact there was nothing left to stop her. She walked, stepped proudly into her example of Legend for the next generation. Nothing and no fear ever took her. She lived, peacefully, drinking whiskey from a hand washed goblet, smoking green out of hemp leaves and meditating on love under the stars, sun, and moon. Doodling, recording her interpretation of her divine connection to God and breathing became purpose. She knew peace. Each moment of her life was her favorite. She loved many, and many felt her love.

© Kukata Kali 2014

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