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Come on in, take your shoes off; relax.”

It was yet to be understood how she expected him to relax after a hug like that. His nose had forced his eyes to admit he was taken over with some emotion from the fragrance in the air. While his eyes were still opening from their surprise, she felt his energy and began to move; she was centered.


“Is that incense, smells like the good stuff?”


“Not yet.”


Tongs just seem to appear in her hand as he listened to her answer. He felt silly for asking when he noticed the charcoal within its grips. She stood over the stove and allowed the fire to heat the mineral red, which was easy to see because of the lighting against the color of the walls.



“So, you’ve been having headaches, yes?”


“Yes, and my stomach has been bothering me too. I actually have had a headache all week.“


The wooden cutting board on the counter caught his attention because of its texture. He noticed the symbols on the wall in the other room and he wondered what they meant. As he looked off something dancing caught his eye; he was now being introduced to the experience of incense. Adoring the way she walked back to the stove made him feel something. She pulled out a knife from the drawer beautifully. Her hands were, unexplainably graceful.


“How is your family doing?”


His lips parted. Midway between telling the story of his sister’s divorce and his mother’s negativity, he wonder why he kept talking so freely and why she asked about a family she didn’t know he had. Meanwhile she had cut ginger, sliced mint and grabbed several herbs from a mystical looking cabinet and brought it to a high boil in a pot. He saw the name Skullcap on a white package that she already returned to the cabinet next to the glass jars.


“Huh, okay.”


She turned down the flame and covered the pot. He understood that “okay” meant she was still paying attention so he continued on about his job and the pressures there. She stood rooted in her stance facing the Formica counter, and envisioned her Earth Star Chakra. As it grew in size, Earth toned light swirled its way down into the Earth as she asked her mother to send up her abundance and nurturing; she had used her herbs. Standing tall after the energy hit her, she then envisioned bright golden light entering her crown and asked her father to bless her with his unconditional love; as she was healing tonight. Feeling illuminated, she placed her hands carefully close to the hot pot and breathed into it, everything he needed.




“Her hands must be cold.”


He thought. She took a moment to feel her own gratitude vibration and took her seat with him at the kitchen table.


“Would you like some te…”


“Yes, please, thank you.”


He hadn’t meant to cut her off, but he already knew he wanted some.


“It’ll be ready in just a bit.”


He hadn’t felt before what he did then and had no way of knowing how to identify this emotion; he trusted her completely. He spoke of weather and chem-trails. He perceived her eyes to be engulfing him in attention. She must’ve been really listening. This was a new experience for him, so he kept talking. Her face glowing in his presence would’ve been a clear sign that she had just opened both heart chakras and was intensely sending him loving energy; if he’d been aware. She breathed deeply and removed herself from the table. He watched her pull a White mug from another cabinet and was aware that it had a picture of the Flower of Life painted on it.


“Like honey?”


“Yes, thank you. Oh and thanks for letting me come by. A friend said I should give you a call.”


“It’s no problem. So, what do you think you need?”

Anxiously anticipating the tea, he drank and burned his lip but didn’t appear to mind it. With slight annoyance noticeable by her, he claimed his presence there explained that he wasn’t sure. Ignoring his confusion. She asked another question,


“What do you love to do?”


He felt he had spoken too much for there to be icebreaker conversation now. Still, he trusted and answered,


“I love to sing.”


Sitting now, drinking hot tea that warmed his soul more than his throat, he knew she was going to ask him to sing. So he just began on his own.


“I don’t want to wait in vain for your love” he sang.

Her eyes closed, and she enjoyed his voice; it was beautiful, and she sent immense love to him while he sang. When he opened his eyes from singing, she was carefully placing more incense on the charcoal. He wondered what kind it was as the smoke mystified the atmosphere.

“It’s Amber.” She giggled out.


“Damn, she is on point,” he thought to himself but just continued to enjoy the vibe. Then she began to speak and he realized he hadn’t really heard her voice much.




“Sing often. Consider letting everything that doesn’t bring you joy, go. Every moment you exist, do what is most enjoyable in that moment with the possibilities available. Begin to open yourself to more of them, as the possibilities in any moment are infinite. If you want to be healthy, follow your joy and go where it leads you. Drink spring water, eat vegetables and fruit. Love your body and speak loving words to it; it can hear you.”


Turning up the last drop of his tea, he noticed she was pouring the remaining tea from the pot into a glass jar. She placed the lid on it and swirled it closed. A small vile without a label was gifted to him with her right hand while she picked up his mug with her left.


“Burn that peppermint oil whenever you feel to.”


He hadn’t decided if that made sense to him when she handed him the jar of tea. That walk again; she moved out of sight and came back with a brown bag and placed the items inside, then to his surprise she sprinkled something into the bag with it; a mix of Valerian and Holy Basil. She made her way to the other room and came back with a very beautiful…


”What is this?”


“It’s a charm with Hematite.”

She spoke clearly, to be now writing so intentfully. She made him understand the attributes of the charm and stone, handed him some affirmations and hugged him strongly while sending healing vibrations throughout his body, and he could feel it. She guided him to the door with his gifts and then he asked,


“So are you a healer? Should I come back for that?”


She smiled at him and asked,


“How do you feel right now?”


Just then he was aware that he had no pain. Even his stomach had settled completely. In fact he felt absolutely peaceful. She was willing to be his healer if that’s what he needed.


“I can be a healer if that is your perception of me. However, you must know that all healing is done from the inside.”


Somewhat bewildered, he had to think of an appropriate response.


“So, am I healed? How long will this feeling last?”


“That depends on how long it takes you to let go. It’s a beautiful night out, have it.”


Closing the door she laughed out loud to herself and thought,


“One day someone will understand the energy that I put into them.”


Quickly that thought fled and she focused on gratitude for his healing.

© Kukata Kali 2014

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