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Existing in what she now recognized, as her greatest fear she panicked.

Left and right her head turned viciously and arms met legs with no idea how; she was flailing. Growing more exhausted by the constant fighting, her intellect entered into position. “Kick and tread” she remembered from the swim classes she found herself taking last year. She didn’t like to be afraid so she had a tendency to meet her fears head on. However this situation was more than she ever considered.







Thirstily her eyes were fixated on a search for a destination for her swimming; she saw no land not even a big rock. Thoughts flashed of friends and family but no one would help her now. One way or another, it was over. She could fight or swim and either way, she had nowhere to go. All that was left was to be and she made that choice. Floating she thought, “what a beautiful blue sky” and she began to recognize how fabulous the sun dancing on top the water really was.


All her senses seemed to be heightened. She could feel everything; including herself beginning to sink and the last breath she would ever take leave her body. As she let go, she seemed to sink faster, and the brightness of the sun through the water got dimmer with each furthering of distance. She entered blackness; “dead” she thought. However, she was still aware. Consciousness had never left her. Now, she wasn’t sure if she was even a she anymore. A new vibration overcame her.




There were a plethora of other beings supporting her and once again she saw light. The love from these beings was immense. They pulled her into an emotion she had never experienced before. Not even having a chance to analyze her new body, she saw the sun coming back through her sight even faster than it had left her. With the comfort of these new beings, she shot out of the water into a new measure of sky and it felt exhilarating. As they splashed back down into the water, she knew that she had transitioned. Death wasn’t so bad after all, in fact, it was lovely. She had no fear and she now knew how to flow.

© Kukata Kali 2014


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