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He was enclosed in a rain drop, falling; reflecting blue except when other colors swept by. Looking up, he could feel the force of the flow more intensely; ecstasy. Secretly he did wonder what was behind the blurred colors of the speed. He’d heard there were actual solid things. With little warning, splash! He hit the water waiting below with amazing power. As he focused on centering, he was aware that he was dividing. Experiencing himself as the wave was a phenomenon he’d never knew possible. As he focused on the wave he began feeling other parts of himself leaving. When he felt that, he found his center again. Then he could feel all parts of himself experiencing their own version of the wave. He guided himself toward what looked like a solid situation. Never had he seen a glass, nor did he know what it was to be trapped in one. It was bigger than his old home. Greatly fascinated he was, by the similar hue and manipulation of colors. As he felt a rush of his pieces most certainly coming back into him, he realized he had grown. He was full and secure. Falling was lovely, but this stability, was so relaxing.

“With all our love, standing on Mother Gaia, we offer this libation to you. We send our energy out into the lay lines and down deep into your soil soul to vibrate through earth to heal your waters. Make them drinkable again, make them pure once more. We ask our guides and our ancestors to empower this energy. We ask source to empower us all! ASHE!”


He heard the prayer of the humans, and they were sending him their love; he couldn’t believe it. With the vibration of the drumming and wailing, he grew orange; not fully understanding it was the light from the fire that caused that glow. Transformed by the prayer, he felt himself falling once more. This time he knew; he had learned and gained wisdom. He took all that he had felt from just the moment before, focused and he began to ripple out the nutrients that the love from the prayer provided. He felt strong, full of life, and then he hit. The now soaked ground received him fully. There is a giant oak in that place now. Its sapling was nurtured from the love of his drop.

© Kukata Kali 2014


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