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Her intentions had been set to understand love and its connection to her emotions. Surely the universe supplied the setting for the lesson. Feeling immersed in the depth of his eyes; he gazed at her as if she were a sunset lowering over mountains. The wonderment he experienced examining her features gave her the practice of staying relaxed and herself under any condition. However, floating in this water she felt unstable, and she liked it. He looked at her as if he couldn’t wait another minute to do who knows what. It matched her energy perfectly. Something inside her was absolutely calling for him to do it. This was a powerful mix.


She was inside him now, everywhere she went she could see his eyes, captured by her. His energy was the boldest she’d ever felt. Never even did he say a word out of line, yet his whole vibration ignored those lines completely. This attraction had not been in her reality; she didn’t know it was a possibility. The connections called out to each other, waiting to have their desires matched. Once united the challenge he provided, to her delight fit snuggly into his need to provide the challenge. Their balance was fully appreciated by each other and their interaction opened many portals. Their love was felt by the earth and it was multiplied.



“This is what love feels like.”


They relaxed themselves having been sure to have learned the lesson of love.Then he was gone and she struggled with how to live with this painful emotion caused by the seperation from love. Now having experienced this love, she had no clue how to go about her daily rituals. They all included him now. She could smell him when no one else was around. Not his cologne, but his skin covered in the hot wetness of his own passion. It was haunting. Her hair and own touch reminded her of him; they had become one once. There was no letting go. She was emotionally out of control. She called on his waters by drawing her tears in abundance. She begged for her past.One of her tears spoke,


“We are getting tired and have elsewhere to be. Have you decided what to do with your emotions yet? We’re only supposed to be a transition station and you’re using up our resources. Oh, can you drink some water please?”


Just then she was reminded that she could choose her emotions. She wiped the tear that spoke saying,


“Sorry and thank you!”




Eyes closed she focused her intention and emotion in the direction of unconditional love. Then she began to envision what their love looked like. She had vivid movement in her mind of colored and swirling moments of the past and before she knew it, emotion had built itself full force in her stomach. She could feel all the love from the past in that moment. Making the choice to enjoy the feeling she was experiencing; she stayed there for a while. Looking now without any judgment, she recognized the beauty in their connection again.


She opened her eyes with that same love feeling still whirling inside her. She stood happy and alone, yet full of love. It was her love she needed to feel. She sent him loving vibrations so wherever he was now, he could feel her appreciation for his participation in the lesson. It was not necessary to allow his memory to cause her sadness. No longer having a need for the memory itself, she carried on creating her life with the feeling instead. She knew that she could feel love. That was the only piece that mattered now.


She was feeling dry when the rain began to fall. She couldn’t help but wonder, if the drops where her tears finally free. Her soul knew that everything was right where it needed to be.

© Kukata Kali 2014



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