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That moon had her in a milky daze. The Goddess of the Feminine spoke forcing her heart open and she was receptive;


“Beautiful; brave, wild, courageous, wise, learner of all masteries; and you still doubt? You’re a love master. You’ve created it all. Behold your power at night, while darkness opens up a whole new world. You feel me, brightly changing tides with my glow. My show starts when your skies are black. Even though you can sometimes see my illumination in the day, you will stop mid step just to acknowledge my curves but only when the night is hidden in all black. My shine is reflected in you, if you choose. Shine brightly my love. “

She felt a storm brewing calling to make its exit, hidden way too long; she had no desire to contain the rise. Like her spirit guide the wolf; she grew to recognize her reflection in the darkness. She was clearly seen to herself through everything. She’d made it; stood tall having proven everything that needed to be proven. She had within her, everything she needed and she always had. Aware of this, she dropped down to her knees; howled out, thanked her ancestors, including the wolf and she arose a new beast.


“Human, I know what that is now.”


She walked away confident in her purpose and the moon approved from where she stood.


© Kukata Kali 2014

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