Compassion- I am gentle with myself right now in this moment. My gentleness toward others allows me to assist at my greatest capacity in our collective environment. There is a softness surrounding me and I am comforting to myself and others, particularly in times of need.


God- I am directly connected to the source of all creation. I feel infinite energy flowing through every cell of my being.  I am consciously aware of my ability to direct that infinite source by the use of my intention and will; I am a creator with an infinite tool box.


Empathy- I seek information in other beings with the intention to understand another's experience with respect to their right to be human. I have the ability to see myself in every human and find a cause to have a balanced outcome to any situation or circumstance.


Gratitude- My heart is open and it pours out gratitude to be felt by all in my environment. I recognize opportunities for gratitude in my continuous now moment.  My breath and my beating heart is a constant source of inspiration for deep gratitude. I am alive and I am human.


Kindness- I have an inclination for kindness as a first response. I intend to leave every interaction/situation having left something beautiful behind.


Love- I flow with the attraction to other beings. I take advantage of the infinite opportunities to experience another and it is a cause for excitement to interact. I receive fully what I am being given and with intention, give of myself fully providing the perfect environment for growth. I am balanced within and can create balance with another. I can sync my heart with the heart of God, Mother Earth and then to another beings so my love is felt throughout universes assisting with the healing of us all.


Power- I am fully aware of my own energy and how it affects the world around me. I direct my power toward vibrations and intentions that benefit myself and everyone else.


Accountability- I honor my history and show this by being accountable now, for my every thought and action as I know that is necessary for any change. I am in control of my vibration and intend for it to be at my highest frequency.


Service- It is a joy to be of service to others. I feel elated to experience the operations of sustaining life as a human being. Fulfilling my role of service provides the opportunity for those that can be of service to me to connect directly; completing the natural circle of beneficial creation.


Trust- I trust deeply in my intuition and connection to the divine creative source.  I only allow my truth to be expressed through my being and can trust the outcome of my actions so I am confident in each now moment. I am always in a state of being my best.


Faith-  I invite life in to meet me at my vibration and know the best is mine always, even now, so that there is only fulfilling thoughts of my future.


Harmony- I willingly contribute to the beneficial workings of all my environments; assessing their needs and putting in what I have to inspire growth. I am receptive to what my environments have to offer me, so I am open, observant, as I, in quiet anticipation expect to experience the fulfillment of my  needs.  I seek opportunities to nurture the Earth and her beings, most jovially humans. It is my desire and goal to be at peace with everything around me.


Joy- I have an elation caused by the experience of being alive in the now moment. Every cell inside my being is charged with burst of strong heart energy that I feel radiate throughout my entire body so powerfully that tears begin to well uncontrollably; tears; water rushing though as a natural offering to the divine in gratitude for being alive. I am in a state of joyfulness.


Healing- I open each one of my energy centers with a deep breath inspiring the gentle spin of each of their colors. I ground myself deep inside the core of the Earth and connect my heart to hers; I feel the healing vibrations coming up from Mother Earth. I quiet my mind and allow my openly flowing heart to receive light from source energy. The light illuminates my body with a healing white light, right before I ground that energy into Earth. I am the healing. We are healed.


Acceptance- I accept life as it presents itself with unconditional love, knowing that I have exactly what it takes to move through it with ease and grace. I accept the power that is in my response to life and the affect that it has on the world around me. I accept myself fully in my freedom to be and I accept others in their freedom to be.


Peace- I feel a deep peace that settles my mind and calms my stomach. I am confident in the workings of universal law, have trust in the design and faith in the outcomes tendency to be the most beneficial for all.



Equanimity- I give all parts of life; intangible and tangible, equal opportunity to exist. My balance of truth lay in my heart and my own "side" is center; where everything can be seen clearly.


Temperance- I have a balanced appreciation for the unseen and seen aspects of life. I feel comfortable moving through my emotions while taking actions physically that benefit the collective environment. My intention is balance and harmony for all, right now, always.


Consciousness- I am aware of the significance of my existence, how it connects to every other existence and our collective connection to each other in relationship to source energy. With this knowing I am inspired to bring the best and most beautiful I have to each moment of my existence in honor of my own role in the collective and in unconditional love as the collective is also a portion of me.