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There were those that were waiting on the world to end. Convicted in their waiting, when the whoosh of the fire had begun burning they felt the heat; because they were there, but they missed all the beauty in the transition. Looking through the eyes of another, they missed the deep browns, greens and blues of their own lenses, forge into a shimmering completeness of bold clarity. They could see, but were not yet looking where there is no limitation of view. An interesting group of humans indeed; they were to have chosen that, instead of the other for so long, and even now some of them still choose.


He was not one of those humans. He had been aware and had walked though the flames eagerly, watching his experience transform him into the force that drove powerful love in the world. He had been baptized inside the fire having had experienced the end of the world and was swimming in unconditional love. His moments were spent creating the world to be what it looked liked to him in his dreams. He called himself light in song; he understood where he came from. He thought himself to be a star; if he could see them, surely some being could also perceive his light from far distances or just a dimension away.

As he sat under the stars expecting them to rearrange positions (as they often did for him, and it was partly the intention) he took a moment to clear his love pathways.


“I am open and receptive.” He said from inside his heart and envisioned himself a 7 lighted fleshless structure balanced bursting white light with crystal golden glow, that he called Gods Love. He breathed slowly and deeply appreciating the moment he was experiencing; he only knew right now. He pulled the energy from the earth with his hands. Once it had reached its peak he then drew down the energy from the cosmos. Even if you did not feel his intention, and there where those that did, his hands were moving in such a fashion you could not turn away. It was fine art flowing effortlessly from mans hands, arms, and body. When he had finished he was completely charged with unconditional love. He aimed his intention directly into his heart and expanded this love outward with deep breaths; the only visible action he was taking. He could feel his love expanding outward as he kept his focus.  Only occasionally checking in to see where his love had made it to; throughout his house or his city were possibilities. However when he checked, his love had covered our entire planet; the world, was glowing with a healing green light contained in a strong pink circumference.

His chest heaved and released with an exhale of “Uhmmmmmm” out, leaving him in great peace.

“My light is going to be bright to them tonight”, he said with gratitude and elation in his heart.  Just then he noticed a star twinkling an orange light of a brightness he hadn’t seen.  He again began sending his love but this time to the star that had brought him joy in its twinkling. The light show was fantastic!




He was one of those humans aware that in every moment he was creating this whole new world for himself. Working through the ability to observe his emotions and thoughts without being consumed in them, he had grown. He attained the wisdom that his world made a difference in the world that surrounded him. That wisdom impacted his every action so he never waited, for anything. He created his moments intimately using the love energies surrounding him because they were always there; he existed within this realm.  However he did observe and anticipate love. It showed itself to him through his creation. When he looked out he saw another opportunity to appreciate others and he had noticed that others appreciated him as well.  Flowers called out to him for attention and birds did dance for him often at his widows. Even the butterflies told him the secrets of the universe. The trees and he once had beef, but they reconciled long ago. He flowed though his life with an unspeakable joy. He could never actually find the words to express this elation, obsession with being alive through words; and so he created his world. Each moment an offering to the world in which he was allowed to experience his love through.

Karma and he were old good friends and had built a relationship of expedient delivery of his love energies. He could feel his aliveness in every moment. He had no fear as he had no reason. He was only coloring his life with the brightest greens with golden shimmers and the pinks of diamond sparkles and other mystical love colors. All he ever saw was the world as reflected through himself and it was beautiful. He had almost forgotten about the lands of milk and honey he once waited for. He was the milk and he was also the honey, he was it all.  

There were those that waited on the end of world and there were those that experienced it and waited no more. They knew who they were and loved it. They ascended into love and lived there right next to those that still chose to wait. They looked the same, and they were, but only certain of them knew it.

© Kukata Kali 2014

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